Age: 50

Race: Half-Elf

Hometown: Raised in Rentath

Height: 5’2

Weight: 110lb

Eyes: Blue/Green

Hair: Black/Blue. Usually kept in bundled dreads. After a recent visit to Mawry, her hair is now long and platted- hitting about mid thigh.

Skin color: Pale gold

Shape of Face: Square

Distinguishing features: High Cheekbones. tribal tattoos on chest and left shoulder. Jewelry in nose, multiple piercings in ears.


When they found her she was huddling under a pile of dead bodies and debris – after all, she had always been good with self preservation. So much that she was the only survivor; the rest of her guildmates wiped out in the kofrath invasion. When the kofrath came for Sharissa they came through the sewers, entering the city through the underground. Unfortunately the same underground that Schiele and her group found home. And unfortunately for Schiele, the ones who found her were the guards investigating the kidnapping.

Left in the charge of the king, it was strongly urged for her to take up with the team he was assembling or else face the multitude of crimes she was wanted for. It’s funny how quick one is to volunteer their services when your other options are trial and incarceration. With little care for finding the princess, she agreed to offer her talents to the band of adventurers in hopes of revenge on those that had taken her family away. In the process she realized just how profitable adventuring really could be.


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