Artathi Monk of St Cuthbert


Riley has many features of an Il’Artathi [Lion], however also has stripes like the Tal’Arthati [Tiger]. He is 6ft tall, mostly tawny in color with darker stripes on his body. Most visible would be those on his arms, face, tail, and legs. His eyes are amber. Wears a small trinket on a plain cord around his neck, appears to be wooden and carved by Artathi claws.

He takes a somewhat aloof perspective on most matters, ignoring most slights to himself or others. Devoted to the principles of law and his deity, St. Cuthbert.


Riley was dropped at the steps of the Monastery as a baby, obviously his parents believed he’d be better off outside Artathi society where he would be shunned. The Monks named him, in his youth he had trouble with R’s, elongating them. Sometimes under duress he rolls his R’s. Others were less than kind to him about his speech and he focused intensely to improve his lingual skills. This also led him to become somewhat thick skinned, ignoring slights and jibes of others. Not being human, he took little interest in the religious instruction available to him, preferring the more solid, factual laws of the land. He always tries to uphold what he considers to be Just and Righteous. Although some disagree with his interpretations occasionally, he sticks to his convictions.

After the adventure into the mines to clear out the Kobold infestation and subsequently slaying a dragon, it occurs to Riley that traveling and adventuring can help him further his ideals of Justice and law. He also has developed a mild interest in St Cuthbert, finding he shares some values with the followers of this particular deity.

Personal Pocket Gnome: Bobaran

Oath to slay 100 Kofrath to avenge the Emperor


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